If done well IT can be one of the best assets of your company. There is no excuse nowadays its just a question of a good strategic plan, the right tools and the right approach.

What Makes Us Unique

Want an answer out of hours?

We live in the real world so although we are technically a 9-5 office operation, we have a dedicated team constantly monitoring alerts and notifications 24/7 so any critical client issues are answered out of hours.

sorry we don't support that

You may hear us say that “we will be transparent” but regardless of the device or software, be it a standard Sage issue or some more unique industry applications like Mortgage Keeper, TempAid or a bespoke app we support it all and will liaise with the software developer or manufacturer to resolve your issue, never will we pass it off as not in our remit. This can often mean a quicker resolution as we can talk tech to tech lingo and minimise any room for error.

Connectivity is key !!!

We partner with numerous service providers each with their specialist services and packages for telecoms, VOIP and connectivity. We remain supplier agnostic and always review our own partners and third parties solutions to find the best deal for our clients.

Regardless of supplier or setup, as your IT partner we act as your single point of contact.

We don't just speak tech

We might be techies but we talk in both tech and good old plain English, so we can articulate things that make sense. We all switch off to industry buzz words, acronyms, numbers and stats at some point!

Don't have budget?

We work with many clients and budgets vary hugely depending on many things. Some customers want the latest specs and models whilst others don't require this level of processing power. Refurbished and older generation spec devices can be more than suitable. We work with our clients to find not only the best spec, but best cost to match budgets and device purpose.

High End IT Support regardless of company size

Enjoy the technology, infrastructure and IT support typically only available to large companies. When you on-board with SELECT and become a client, it’s our job to keep at the forefront of technology and transfer this to your business. With us on your side, you can hand over some, or even all aspects of managing a robust and secure IT setup. Leaving you available to focus on your core business strategy.

Cloud Solutions & Web Services

Hardware and Software support

We support all hardware and software regardless of brand or supplier.

New, refurbished or old legacy equipment we appreciate there is always a requirement for some of these.

In an ideal world we would all have the budgets to replace everything with the latest high spec generation models. Unfortunately its not always possible and we all have that old device that is still going.

We always make sure our clients infrastructure is secure and safe and risks are mitigated.  

Sourcing the right device for our clients based on their individual requirements and budgets.

Reactive and Proactive IT Support

Our engineers use state of the art tools, via a single management interface we call it The Guru.

Engineers manage, maintain and monitor all of our clients devices and infrastructure.

Reactive IT is handled via multiple contact channels. We don’t hide behind a faceless help desk, customers are free to just pick up the phone and call the helpdesk and engineers directly.

You may find our engineer creates a ticket if he feels its necessary but this is just so we can run a slick operation.

Proactive support comes from The Guru agents – we install a small software agent onto networked devices and this allows The Guru to monitor and alert on critical events and possible warnings, all of which gets notified directly to our engineers by tickets and tasks.

day to day protection + peace of mind disaster recovery

Securing your business assets with a good backup and business continuity plan isn’t as hard as you think. There’s an endless list of possible backup and DR solutions, the trick is to find one that is feature rich, robust and cost effective. We have various backup solutions and products to cover all areas, local device, network, physical and virtual or cloud.

Its not just about backing absolutely everything, a tiered Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan is key along with a good view of all your data assets and a clear archiving strategy. We don’t need to backup absolutely everything every day – not all data should be treated the same.

Telecoms and Connectivity

Communication and connectivity is key to any successful business, making sure you have the best available isn’t as straightforward as you think. If fibre was available to everyone or money was no object i’m sure it would be very easy.

But with so many different types of connectivity, options, availability all with varying SLA’s we help our clients by reviewing all available options and guide you on best setup for your usage.

From simple and straightforward ADSL business broadband to lightning-fast fibre Ethernet circuits, we have a selection of partners who we can challenge to find you a great solution.

Procurement - vendor agnostic. New & Refurbished

We pride ourselves on finding a good deal. We are vendor agnostic so regularly benchmark vendors and compare specs and costs of hardware, be it a laptop or a physical server. 

Want more bang for your buck – then ask us about DELL and HP refurbished stock. amazing deals on servers to be had if your content on not having the absolutely latest generation models.

Regardless of new or refurbished all hardware we supply will come with a 3 year next business day onsite warranty as standard so no risks for it being classed as refurbished.

Get Advice From Our Experts

Give us a call or drop an email into our help desk and the support team will direct your inquiry to the right team and department.


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