Data is at the heart of nearly everything we do nowadays. Our dedicated data team has over 40 years experience in data led roles. If it’s dirty data, that’s our specialty. We can audit, standardise and enhance almost any data set.

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No campaign is too small or too large, we process and manage many different DM campaigns for our clients, charities and agencies.


Being able to identify and correct poor quality records or duplicate issues in your database is key to avoiding lost revenue and productivity.


We offer a wide range of data processing solutions, from a one-off project to a multi data source more complex private prospect pool creation, hosting and administration. These databases can be bespoke to your requirements.

Data Standardisation & Cleansing

It all starts at Data download, during the download process we inventory all datasets and attributes. Key attributes like all name and address fields are mapped and the data standardisation process begins. Other client custom fields can be specified and included at this stage.

File Types

File types and data formats can vary hugely, we can accept, convert and read most files, as long as you can export it, we can audit and inventory. Flat file, database format we can help advise on data supply, one merged file or many to 100’s of files its all the same.

Field Mapping

Probably one of the most critical processes is to map and link data sets where required. Accuracy in field mapping is crucial to subsequent processing, this is where we can handle names and addresses across multiple files in multiple formats.

Contentious Characters

Every dataset we load as standard runs through a Contentious Character check. This highlights and flags all records in a dataset where there appears to be foreign or rogue characters. These can be corrected and standardised or flagged for client review.

Processing Logic

Pre-parsing data where needed at download can be leveraged to help standardise and prepare data for later processing and coding logic. We have standard exclusion rules and routines we screen and report on for all clients. This can be cutomised with client specific rules and routines.

Contact Fields

One compound name field or five separate fields, all variations of name fields are loaded and the clever name bursting engine goes to work. Creating an additional cleansed and standardised set of name fields with flags on poor quality names or records with suspect names.

Address Fields

Similar to mapping name fields, all variations of address fields across all files and formats are loaded and a new set of pre-parsed address fields are created so no client data fields are ever changed. Flagging poor quality and suspect addresses for further enhancement and by Royal Mail Postal Address File standardisation.

Custom Fields

Phone numbers, custom codes, donation prompts, segment codes. regardless of field, they are all loaded and can be standardised and enhanced where needed as part of the data project.

Processing Stats

Once data download has completed we have a comprehensive download report for each individual file, showing overall data quality, suspect and poor quality records. these stats and reports then shape the data cleansing routines and how each dataset and suspect records are handled.

Data Enhancement & Enrichment

Once the data has been loaded, standardised and run through a dedupe to ensure it is unique, enhancement processes can take place. 

There are standard enhancement processes that would have already taken place on name and address with name bursting and PAF validation.

Further industry or client specific enhancements can be applied. e.g Tracing movers and new addresses – DOB appending – Email appending – SIC appending, creating household ID’s or any other third party dataset validation / appending.

Deduplication & Industry Suppression

Duplicates in data regardless of what the system or dataset is used for can cause all sorts of headaches. Likewise In some cases not identifying duplicates correctly can also cause major issues in work flows and systems. 


Data Preparation is key

Its not as simple as just pushing the data through a dedupe. The results are heavily impacted by data quality, consistency and type of data, be it consumer or business data we have pre-defined routines and modules we run all data through to ensure the dedupe has the best possible dataset available.

Deduplication Levels

Individual, Family or Address level dedupe’s that’s the basic stuff! Using sophisticated algorithms, fuzzy matching and configurable rule based tables, we can customise any dedupe as needed.

Hierarchy & Weighting

Single file, Multi file, 100s of files in a dedupe, we can do them all. Specific hierarchy logic or weighting of records to ensure we keep the most mailable record, or a female record over a male record can all be customised. Additionally to this, we have a powerful set of filters, selection criteria and hierarchy options to choose from.

Contentious Group Processing

We never rely 100% on software to do its job. Every dedupe we run has a category called “contentious duplicates”. Our data experts manually review the top 5% of this category and the live duplicates to ensure no data nasties have caused any teething issues in matching – this enables us to improve the overall accuracy.


Mailing Preference

MPS – The Mailing Preference Service was launched over 25 years ago, Industry standard for opting out of unsolicited mail, mandatory for cold lists . We screen this against all cold lists as standard.


No one wants to mail to a deceased contact and cause offence or upset, plus risk brand damage and reputation. We have a full suite of all Deceased registers we use to screen customers datasets against.

Movers & Trace

Over 6 million people move house every year in the UK, a serious contributor to data decay. We have multiple lists from all major providers and options to either suppress movers or trace their new address.

Business Movers

When businesses move, cease trading, staff leave or change their company name, the impact on campaign or system performance can be dramatic. Company mover files help businesses ensure their mail or contacts are up to date.

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